Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hmm....its nearly 1am, not a normal time for me (I am an early sleeper)

Blurness rocks.

I wish many things could happen,but wishing for them isn't enough.


Too many things happening...

Why must tuition go on for 4 hours?!


What else?

Maybe a illegible tangent of my infinite well of intangible matter?

I knew you would say "ERrrrrrr or Wa or "..." "

Lo, many would stand strong,
The winds of the south, they push ever harder,
Some would face the wind, some would seek shelter,
Some, would just whimper and faulter,

The wind, as strong as it may,
Creating havoc, not a time, a place, a day,
For the winds, they are not everlasting,
As the strength , of the one with hands ever rising.

This one, bold and mighty it may seem,
But behold, as normal as the next the one may be,
A fallow, a flaw, all too familiar for the man,
But has he what others are lacking, the courage in hand.

Sleepy post FTW.

With that, Good Morning!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things to do

Yeah ! I was told to do a checklist thing-a-ma-bob, so err....decided to do it on'a(tm) blog ! YeaH!

Things to do before December
1.Buy ticket to Australia (Hobart here I Goooooooo)
2.Buy proper recording mic(vocals sadly not included :()
3.Buy a camera! (EOS 550D - EOS 7D :D)
4.Err....Spending money for Aussie trip! (no fun going there if got no money xD)
5.Youtube vids!
5.1 - <> On'a(tm) Loop!
5.2 - Speed Kills !
6.1 - Midnight Melody
6.2 - The Revolutionist
7.Trade fat for muscle ! YeaH!

Woot, sadly, lotsa "Buy...." in there...=.=

Gonna save! Any donations are gratefully accepted gratuitously and graciously from a honest and goodness extraordinary everyday person like you and me(if I ever had money to donate to myself, I would :P) :D

Maybe I should do a song about this....hmmm....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Self thought

What is life, if its not to be lived,
What is living, if its not to be experienced,
What is experience, if its not to be learnt,
What is learning, if its not to be remembered,
What is remembering, if it has already been forgotten,
So truly, what is life is it is to be forgotten,
Drowned in its own self righteousness, struggling to be remembered,
Lost in this sea of memories.

What are memories, if they arent lived?
Are they merely figments of ones imagination?
Made by the feeble mind to reign over ones own body,
Caught in a spiral of selfishness,
Lost in this sea of thoughts.

What are thoughts, if they arent of the mind,
What is a minds thoughts, and what is a thought of mind,
Are they the same? Parallel in likeness, going hand in hand,
Or are they different? Lateral in thought, never to meet again,
So, what are they, truly? Where are they going?
All of this, lost in my sea of self thought.

Is the mind a sentience of its own?
Connected to the body, but seperate in entities?
What of the soul? Is it a part of the body, but only by birth?
To what degree truly are we free? Oh how my soul yearns for a truce,
between body and brain, soul and spirit, earthly and heavenly.
Lost in my own thoughts, once again I come to the same conclusion,
Nothing is as its seem, and follow your heart, and follow God.

What is a person, without God leading them?
A lost soul, like a wayward sheep, having apparent freedom, but lost entirely.
The world, the cruel world, having found the sheep, brings it into itself.
A wayward sheep, a part of the world, a part of iniquity.
As I ponder longer and longer, I wonder to myself, what made a person lose that connection?
Did God forsake them? Were they misguided? The poor unfortunate soul.

Verily, to leaders of organisations, truly I say,
what is of the body if the brain is not awake?
A weak, feeble body, incapable of anything but self pity and morose.

This, a warning I heed to all, even more so to leaders of governments and churches!
Protect your flock! Protect your people!
What is there in a human if there is not a body but a greedy brain?
The bodily needs, all taken upon itself, until the body is an atrophied being,
Lifeless,powerless, and full of vengeance, for trusting in the brain, having been destroyed by the ones they trusted, seeking solace with their own enemies,
For fear of itself have become greater than the fear of the wicked ones.

This is why many seek refuge in this world, why many seek other powers,
The people are just sheep! It is the shepherds duty to watch over them!
The Great Shepherd has done his part, but the task has fallen to shepherds whom are still sheep.
For if a sheep will lead a sheep, then surely I say that both shall be lost asunder.
So, again, heed my request, be a leader to men, and a shepherd to your sheep,
Just like how, The Great Shepherd has done, for you.

-Lost in thought- -JJS-

Monday, June 7, 2010

New vids!

Speed Kills 1

Coins on'a loop


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beats On'a Loop!

Another 1st! Yea! Haha, bored, so took out a bunch of pens and came up with this reaaally simple beat... but its my 1st synchronized beat! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reminding myself always

Too many people leaving, never ever said anything to some before.
I fear this actual regret that im getting.
Please dont revert to the Joshua i knew 6 years ago...

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Temporary Farewell

Haha, its been awhile hasnt it? I just realised how many people have left Penang to furthur their, this song is a tribute to the said people, my friends and not so friends..a first JJS Original Song!

Because it was done kinda in a hurry, voice was really teribble, never EVER use a cheap headset (in fact, never use ANY headset) to record vocals...I bet you ppl are gonna be in a fit of laughter at 0:14 xD.

This goes out to all, i mean ALL, the people i know, even if its only your name I know :)